Christopher Mize

Mize began painting in oils in his childhood but his passion for creating art was sparked during a year of study abroad in Europe. Turning his back on a career in management, Mize now works in a 1,500 square foot studio located outside Richmond, Virginia in the rolling countryside.

Christopher Mize is a self-taught artist with a BA in Economics from Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia and an MBA from Augusta State University in Georgia.

“I have never spoken in a complex manner concerning my art. I am one of those individuals who does not believe that the power of complexity is greater than the power of simplicity. It is my aim to produce images of things I observe that hold my interest. In mixing, moving and applying the oil paint that is my chosen medium, I express something that goes beyond simple representation and move toward a new language of the image that is constructed in terms of color, form, and texture.”